Use BigData for TodaysAI solutions.

The Philosophy currently uses AI and BigData to analyse any written text into 55 personality traits and/or a series of consumer preferences.

Personality impacts, well, everything. From your concept of self, to how you relate with others, to how society perceives you, to your subsequent path through life. The ability to delve into your or another's personality and see/compare the individual traits has a myriad of uses.
We have listed some use cases for this technology below but we don't think it's possible to fully enumerate the ways that understanding a personality, and maybe more importantly, understanding a change of personality can be of value.
Privacy: The data that you enter into this system will be personal to you. We respect that and will only share the data with the people you so choose. We understand how important this is to you.

The Beta Period is FREE-of-CHARGE until Jan 31/2021. After which only the DEMOS section will be free to use to explore your own personality.

We are hoping that this period allows us to expand the services and optimise the usability based on user feedback.

Use Cases


Media and Marketing


Mental Health

Our Message to Everyone

Use case: Trading

Most current trading systems allow for the same cookie-cutter analysis used for 30 years. Let TodaysAI unearth new information.

The buck stops at the CEO. The market looks to the CEO to determine the future direction and, ultimately, the potential of this company. The most admired companies have CEOs who, almost unwittingly, give the market the sense of competency and confidence by the tone of how they lead.
TodaysAI uses BigData to analyse the statements of CEOs for over 50 personality traits. Maybe, this year, the CEO's messages have changed dramatically. What's going on? How will that affect the company's performance?
Compare a CEO's personality against the giants of industry (Buffet, Bezos, ...). Create your own vision of the 'perfect' CEO personality.
For the first time, TodaysAI lets you delve into the personalities of the leaders to undercover information which has never been available in the past. Use it to your own advantage.

Use case: Media and Marketing

You are tasked with creating a marketing campaign for a big account. Pressure's on. You and your team spent weeks to create a message. But it just doesn't feel right. Why? You aren't sure.

Use TodaysAI and BigData to adjust the 'personality' of your message. Fine-tune it until it 'feels' right. In fact, you can have multiple campaigns with different personalities to reach different markets. Compare your message against others, against past successful/unsuccessful campaigns, against the people you admire, and even competitors. Begin to understand why your message works or doesn't.
Take social media posts and use TodaysAI to determine the overall personality of your online presence; not only determining the success of your campaigns but how the online world view you.
Making a speech to a particular group? Use TodaysAI to fine-tune it to create the impact you so desire.
Use TodaysAI and BigData to interpret incoming correspondence to determine exactly what the 'real' message is.

Use case: Consumers

What do consumers really want? What are their 'preferences'?. TodaysAI and BigData allows you to gain an understanding of consumption preferences for your current customers and your potential markets.

Have lots of data on customers/consumers? Use TodaysAI and BigData to segregate this group into their different consumption preferences and market to them differently. Create marketing campaigns which target the consumers most likely to purchase your products/services.
Over 50 consumption preferences are generated giving you a real snapshot into their lives.
Take this new insight into your customers/prospects and add the information into your CRMs to expand your marketing reach.

Use case: Mental Health

Many professions and researchers use personality as a key attribute in their work in mental health and behavioural sciences.
A psychologist may use TodaysAI as another tool for your diagnosis of a patient, or see any changes in your patient's personality over time.
You may be a researcher that wishes to look for common traits for those who have a particular diagnosis or behavioural pattern. Or how personality traits affect decision-making.

We REALLY Need to Help Our Planet

Please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions as to how we can crush this data in more effective and interesting ways.
Trading data wonderfully provided by Alpha Vantage (
AI services wonderfully provided by IBM Watson AI.